Bath bombs are one of the hottest trends in bathing and aromatherapy, and for good reason. These fizzy bath products allow you to enjoy a fun and colorful bathing experience and make great gifts for family and friends as well. More than the obvious fun stuff, bath bombs:

...Have Healing Properties

Most bath bombs are made with citric acid and sodium bicarbonate that are responsible for the fizzing sensation these products are known for. More importantly, these help strengthen blood vessels and clean and repair skin. Our bath bombs also have epsom salts that can reduce swelling and relieve pain. Our carefully curated ingredients all work together to help with chronic fatigue and other symptoms related to arthritis and fibromyalgia.

...Improve Your Skin

Taking a bath with warm water opens your pores, allowing you to deeply moisturize your skin. Next time you enjoy a long soak, consider throwing a rich bath bomb in so your skin can drink up all its essential oils and butters. If you have particularly dry skin, we recommend trying one of our bath bombs that are made with cocoa and shea butter.

Additionally, by submerging your body in warm water you expand your arteries and veins temporarily, lowering your blood pressure and creating more room for your blood to flow through. In fact, some studies have shown that a hot bath may give your body the same boost as exercise.

...Are Great for Aromatherapy

The various scents and essential oils in bath bombs can be considered as a form of aromatherapy. Our products that contain peppermint can help soothe tired muscles while those with citrus oils like Florida Fresh and Orange Clove give an energizing feeling. Having trouble sleeping at night? Try one of our Lavender Vanilla bath bombs for a relaxing soak.

How to Use Bath Bombs

Bath bombs get their name from the effect they have when coming in contact with water. If you’re wondering how to use bath bombs, simply fill a tub with water in your desired temperature and “drop the bomb” into the tub. Wait for the bath bomb to stop fizzing and producing bubbles before soaking. Get right in and enjoy! When done, simply dry off.

Ready to Drop Some Bombs? Get Them at Naples Soap Company

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