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Florida Fresh Bath Bomb

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    Fresh and uplifting grapefruit and orange scent. Inflammation buster - the base of therapeutic epsom salt reduces swelling and relieves pain and soreness while cocoa butter keeps skin hydrated and smooth.
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Fresh and uplifting grapefruit and orange scent, while cocoa butter keeps skin hydrated and smooth.

Contains essential oil blends for aromatherapy and relaxation. Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Epsom Salt, Fragrance, Essential Oil Blend, Filtered Water, Clays or Oxides for Coloring. 4.5 oz

Handmade in the USA

Florida Fresh Bath Bomb Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

Bath bombs

Posted by nethopeme1@gmail.com on Nov 5th 2021

This is for all the bath bombs I purchased. I made a mistake and thought I was ordering the shower bombs!

Amazing Smell

Posted by amyinfishers on Dec 7th 2020

Purchased as a gift, so can't speak to personal experience actually using the bath bomb, but the scent is amazing!


Posted by Amanda on Sep 30th 2020

I recently bought this bath bomb for my daughter for Christmas, but have bought it in the past. I love the smell of it and how soft it leaves my skin after the bath. Best of all...Naples products are all natural which is what I look for.

feel good, smell good - my wife really likes them. Quality products!

Posted by Corey Bailey on May 27th 2020

They last, feel good (afterwards), smell good - my wife really likes them. Quality products!

Bath Bomb

Posted by JeanP on May 1st 2020

Love the scent, makes my bath time wonderful. Very happy I purchased this item

Bath Boom

Posted by Geneva Baker on Apr 23rd 2020

Great product with nice smell. Soothes body aches!

Bath bombs

Posted by Tammy Ezzio on Jul 15th 2019

I purchased these to share with my grand daughters and they said that their skin felt so good and loved the scent. I love them all. I have psoriasis and they don’t irritate my skin!

Bath Bombs

Posted by Unknown on Feb 23rd 2019

I wish the scents were more true to their names, I bought like 10 bombs & honestly they all smell about the same. I wish they all had more of a natural citrusy smell instead I think they all smell more floral/perfume like. They do dissolve nice.

best bath bomb

Posted by Kimberly on Dec 13th 2018

If you love a fresh, citrus type smell, then this is the bath bomb for you! It puts me in the best mood!!!

Bath bomb

Posted by Nikki on Nov 21st 2018

I wish it smelled more citrusy and less florally.

Bath Bombs

Posted by Ashley on Nov 14th 2018

Love these bath bombs (and everything else). Florida fresh is my favorite scent by far. I purchased 6 for my bridesmaids boxes and they were a big hit.

Bath bombs

Posted by Ann Johnston on Apr 24th 2018

Love Naples Soap Co bath bombs! Wonderful fragrance, leave skin feeling soft & healthy. The bath bombs take a bath to a whole new level!