Picking the Perfect Hair Bar for Your Hair Type

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Have you heard the buzz about the bar? No, we’re not talking about a new hangout. We’re talking about hair bars! These small round discs of super-concentrated shampoo and conditioner are an excellent choice if you are looking to care for your hair while also reducing your plastic usage.

So… how do you pick the right one for your locks? Each of our hair bars work well with all different types of hair, including color-treated hair. You can make your selection simply based on the scent, or you can select based on the ingredient variations and benefits.

Curly, Frizzy or Textured Hair

Our Moroccan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner bars are perfect for people with curly, frizzy and textured hair. These hair bars are made with natural Argan oil that is packed with fatty acids and powerful antioxidants to help condition the shaft of your hair and retain moisture. Users say they have more bounce to their curls and fewer fly-a-ways from frizz. In addition, our Coconut Water Shampoo and Coconut Water Conditioner contain an additional amount of coconut oil which makes them a great choice for extra conditioning.

Silver, White or Highlighted Hair

Tone down those brassy, unwanted yellow hues that come from mineral impurities in your water, UV rays, chlorine and oil build-up by using our blue hair bars in the Boyfriend scent. They act similarly to a purple shampoo to help neutralize brassiness for a fresh, clean look.

Limp or Thinning Hair

If you’ve experienced hair loss due to aging, medical treatments or just genetics, try our Hemp Eucalyptus Shampoo and Conditioner. These hair bars are made with natural hemp seed oil, a powerful anti-inflammatory that can help condition your scalp to encourage cell growth and regeneration.

Itchy Scalp

We have two recommendations for people who suffer from dandruff or skin conditions that cause the scalp to flake or itch. Our Stimulating Shampoo and Conditioner bars are made with natural peppermint essential oil to help soothe the itch, reduce flaking and balance the pH levels of the scalp. An additional suggestion is our Hemp Eucalyptus Shampoo and Conditioner Bars. Made with hemp seed oil, to help calm, repair and hydrate an aggravated, itchy scalp.

Damaged Hair

If your hair is damaged due to product build-up, pool chlorine or mineral deposits in your water, try our Karma Shampoo and Conditioner Bars. These hair bars feature activated charcoal to help detoxify and cleanse to remove chemical build-up.

Too many hair products and too much styling can cause your hair to become dry and brittle. Give your hair a hydrating boost with our Moroccan Oil or Hemp Eucalyptus hair bars. Both are rich with antioxidants and Vitamin E to help restore dry, brittle hair. For an extra hydrating boost, use our conditioner bar as a leave-in conditioning treatment. Simply skip the rinse at the end of your shower.

Greasy Hair

If your scalp goes into overdrive producing extra oil that results in a greasy, dingy look, try our Stimulating or Karma hair bars. The charcoal in our Karma bars acts like magnet to help lift excess oil and the peppermint oil in our Stimulating hair bars help purify the roots to reduce oiliness and restore a natural balance to the scalp.

Normal Hair

If your hair is normal – not too greasy, dry or frizzy, then we recommend selecting your hair bar based on scent such as our citrusy Florida Fresh, tart and sweet Coconut Lime, fresh and clean Ocean Breeze, fruity and flirty Sunkissed, or refreshing and sweet Coconut Water. Our hair bars are all made with the same cleansing or conditioning base then we add a proprietary blend of natural essential oils (never synthetics) to create a unique fragrance.

Sensitive Scalp and Hair

If you suffer from sensitive skin, Psoriasis or Eczema, we recommend our Fragrance Free Shampoo and Conditioner bars. These hair bars are specially formulated to be extremely gentle and effective. They are safe for children and pets, too; just avoid the eye, nose and mouth area.

Be sure to check out our entire collection of shampoo and conditioner bars to read more about their individual benefits.

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