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Unscented Shampoo Bar

Unscented suggested for those with allergies or skin irritations. Revitalizing, no waste way to wash your hair. Coconut oil and cocoa butter based, this SLS-free alternative leaves hair soft, nourished and clean.

Unscented suggested for those with allergies or skin irritations. Revitalizing way to wash your hair. Coconut oil and cocoa butter based, this SLS-free alternative leaves hair soft, nourished and clean without stripping away your natural oils or hair color. The pro-vitamin complex and lemon peel strengthen hair and adds shine. Lasts 50-75 Washes. Each shampoo bar is 2.25 oz.

Sodium Coco Sulfate, Lemon Juice, Powdered Lemon Peel, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Red Raspberry Seed Oil, Provitamin B Complex.

Handmade in the USA

Unscented Shampoo Bar Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Unscented Shampoo Bar

Posted by Roseanna Harden on Nov 25th 2019

Love this shampoo more than I thought I would! Unscented helps prevent breakouts, doesn’t affect my color treated hair, and is environmentally friendly, great product!

Crystal Miller

Posted by Crystal Miller on Jan 20th 2019

I purchased this for my mother-in-law and she absolutely loves it… She is extremely sensitive to everything… This has become her favorite shampoo ever

First time using a shampoo bar and loved it.

Posted by Sue on Jan 19th 2019

Would like to see plastic/waste free packaging for your products. Was disappointed to see bubble wrap used.

Unscented shampoo bar

Posted by Sue on Jan 13th 2019

Love it. Great lather and rinsed out well. No scent!

unscented shampoo and conditioner

Posted by JB on Sep 7th 2018

My girls have used the unscented shampoo and unscented conditioner balls for several years. My girls have struggled with acne and these two products have help so much.

Love it!

Posted by DT on Apr 28th 2018

These bars are awesome for everyday use and especially for traveling (you can even order a travel case under the accessories section). I just use 3 swipes down the length of my hair before putting it back in my case. It lathers up very well and I think it lasts longer since I'm not concerned with it lathering while I'm holding the bar. My hair feels clean and I appreciate the ingredients!

Unscented shampoo bar

Posted by I absolutely love the Unscented shampoo bar! Found it in Key West Florida and have not used any othe on Jan 20th 2018

I absolutely love the shampoo bar! I found it while visiting Key West, Fl and have not used anything else since. I suffer from psoriasis on 3/4 of my scalp year round and the bar help keep it under control we’ll. I only wish I could still purchase the face cream because it has been a life saver for me! Sad face !

Unscented shampoo bar

Posted by Melissa on Jan 19th 2018

while visiting Fort Myers, Florida we tried the unscented shampoo bar. My daughter had psoriasis in her scalp and it was fairly bad. It cleared up very quickly and we continue to use this product because it leaves our hair so clean and fresh.

Excellent shampoo

Posted by Sandra on Dec 1st 2017

I came across Naples Soap Company while visiting Destin Fl. While a bit skeptical at first, I purchased their eczema kit which included unscented body soaps, body butter, plus the shampoo & conditioner bars. I absolutely love the products. My scalp usually will get dry, flakey, and break out by the end of November due to the furnace and colder climate in PA. The shampoo bar lathers quickly and gently washes the hair. It also cleaned away days of hairspray and other products with out damaging my hair. The conditioner bar gives just enough moisture to my fine dry hair. No more dry scalp or eczema break outs since I started using these products! Thank you for making them!