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The Dapper Dad Luxe Box

  • Description:
    If he’s the coolest, dapper dad you know, then our luxe box is the perfect Father’s Day gift. This 8-piece set includes everything he needs to look, smell and feel great from head to toe.
  • What's Inside:
    Florida Sunrise Sunset Sea Salt Soap, Moroccan Oil Shampoo Bar, Moroccan Oil Conditioner Bar, Karma Shave Cream, The Muscle Stick, Coconut Water Loofah Soap, Shave Brush, Shower Drink Holder
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Florida Sunrise Sunset Sea Salt Soap 3.5 oz

The scent of sweet Florida citrus combined with cleansing activated charcoal and exfoliating oatmeal create this top-selling soap. Ph-balanced and packed with antioxidants, our Florida Sunrise Sunset Sea Salt Soap gently cleanses and hydrates to leave the body and face soft and supple.

Moroccan Oil Shampoo Bar 1.75 oz

Clean, nourish and hydrate hair with our low-waste Moroccan Oil Shampoo Bar. Made with natural argan oil, this hydrating hair bar features a distinctive and sophisticated scent that combines spicy amber and earthy musk with sweet florals for an exotic, alluring scent. Each bar lasts 50-75 washes and is perfect for travel, camping and everyday use.

Moroccan Oil Conditioner Bar 1 oz

Hydrate, soften and revitalize hair from roots to tips with our no-waste Moroccan Oil Conditioner Bar. Natural ingredients like argan oil, cocoa butter and jojoba oil help nourish all hair types. Each travel-friendly hair bar will last 50-75 washes.

The Muscle Stick 2.5 oz

Achy, sore muscles are no match for The Muscle Stick! This natural alternative for topical pain is made with a proprietary blend of essential oils, including menthol, eucalyptus and black pepper to promote circulation and reduce inflammation.

Coconut Water Loofah Soap 4 oz

Exfoliate and rehydrate with our Coconut Water Loofah Soap. Each round disc contains a natural loofah soap slice that is surrounded by moisturizing glycerin soap in a clean and refreshing coconut scent.

Karma Shave Cream 6 oz

Your dad will experience the closest shave ever with our super hydrating Karma Shave Cream. Our formula is loaded with shea and cocoa butters that soften the hair follicles to reduce friction and nicks. His skin will feel so soft, smooth and irritation-free.

Shave Brush

The perfect complement to our moisturizing shave cream, our Shave Brush helps apply an even layer of shave cream for a closer, smoother shave.

Shower Drink Holder

There’s no better way to enjoy a relaxing hot shower than to combine it with a cold beer. Our Shower Drink Holder is the ultimate in bathroom indulgence. Made from 100% antibacterial silicone, it will secure to any smooth, clean surface, including glass and tiles, and more importantly, will keep your beverage safe, sound, and right at your fingertips.

*If the packaging or one of the items in the gift set is unavailable, we reserve the right to substitute an item of equal or greater value.

The Dapper Dad Luxe Box

When you shop with Naples Soap Company this Father's Day, you’re giving so much more.

  • You’re gifting the highest quality skin and hair care products made with natural and organic ingredients that are not only beautiful, but they actually work.
  • You’re buying products that are American made. All Naples Soap Company brand products are Made in the USA.
  • You’ll never find what we call “Badditives” in our products such as parabens, synthetic fragrances, lauryl and laureth sulfates or phthalates.
  • You’re gifting products that are cruelty-free and never tested on animals.
  • You’re sending gifts that incorporate reusable, recyclable and/or plastic-free packaging whenever possible.
  • You’re supporting a family-owned business that employs over 50 “Soap Squad” team members who are passionate about skin care and the customer experience.
The Dapper Dad Luxe Box

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