Taupe Coiled Hair Ties

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    Add a touch of fun to your ponytail or messy bun! These smooth, plastic coiled hair ties help prevent tangling and are so easy to use. They stretch or shrink depending on your hair’s thickness and are available in neutral and bright colors.
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From pigtails to ponytails to messy buns and more, these waterproof, plastic coiled hair ties are the perfect styling tool for your hair. Each set includes 9 coiled hair ties.

  • Easy to remove, and they prevent tangling and breakage
  • Comfortable to wear without pulling
  • They can be worn while working out or in the pool and won’t absorb sweat and odors
  • 1” Diameter that can stretch to 6x its size depending on your needs
  • Can also be worn as a bracelet on the wrist
  • Pro-Tip: If your coiled hair tie stretches out too much, just apply heat from a hair dryer or place in a cup of hot water. and the tie will return to its original size
  • Available in a variety of neutral colors, pastels and bright colors

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