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Muscle Balm


The Muscle Balm penetrates deeply to lessen stress and strain on achy areas of the body. Use as a natural alternative for topical pain relief as well as respiratory relief and therapeutic aromatherapy. 

Camphor Oil, Menthol Crystals, Cajeput Oil, Wintergreen Essential Oil, Cassia Essential Oil, Beeswax, Clove Essential Oil

Handmade in the USA

Muscle Balm Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Works well

Posted by Karin Logrieco on May 12th 2020

I actually purchased this for muscle aches but also to massage on my temple and sinus areas when I feel a migraine coming on. Then lie down with a cool washcloth on my head. The smell is pleasant. I find it very relaxing and it definitely helps.

Soo relaxing!

Posted by Unknown on Oct 26th 2019

I put this on my neck and shoulders before bed, and the cooling, relaxing sensation lasts for hours. It melts away the pain and I think it smells divine.

Muscle Balm

Posted by Julie on Nov 26th 2018

Muscle Balm is the best product I have found for my neck pain. Fast relief. Also great for runners sore muscles.


Posted by Chris on Oct 23rd 2017

I have Fybro. I have had it for some time. I take the highest dose of medicine for my condition. I have also had 2 shoulder surgeries that still causes a lot of pain. Wrestling at night to get comfortable etc.
I do not write reviews because I don’t know really what to say.
I am here writing my first review and am over 55. THIS balm is the BALM!!! I have tried almost all pain creams out there and they DO NOT work like this does. A little bit goes a long way. For the first time I feel relaxed no hurting like before. Now it does wear off and I just reapplied. My sister is having back surgery in a lot of Pain. I had her try this and she could not believe how much this balm relieved the pain. She couldn’t sleep without pain or walk for long but this balm helped her also.
I High recommend this for anyone having pain with muscles and nerves.

this is amazing!!

Posted by lisa on Jul 30th 2017

I have an arthritic disease. This is the only product that has instantly helped w my pain. It is amazing. I have been given different drugs by docs, and tried every over the counter creams. This is with out a doubt a lifesaver for me. The smell is strong, but not bad. The pain relief lasts a couple hours. This product is the most amazing arthritic product ever!!!