Mesh Wash Pouf

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    Create a creamy, foamy bath or shower experience with our mesh pouf and your favorite soap bar or bath gel. It gently exfoliates to leave your skin feeling clean, soft and smooth.
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Get the most out of your daily shower or bath routine with our colorful mesh poufs. Gently exfoliate and clean your skin to remove sweat, body oil, and dirt. Simply add your favorite soap or shower gel to the pouf and massage onto your skin for a foamy, cleansing experience.

  • Use daily for best results
  • Made with long-lasting nylon mesh
  • Rinse after each use with clean water to prolong the use of your pouf
  • Hang dry after each use with the convenient hang loop
  • Recommended for ages 5 and up
  • Size: Pouf is 5” in diameter