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Hair Bar Travel Case


The shampoo and conditioner pod travel case makes your favorite shampoo and conditioner bar totally portable. Great for travel or dry storage. Each case fits one shampoo bar or one conditioner bar and has a secure, snap-close.

Hair Bar Travel Case Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Hair Bar Travel Cases

Posted by Carole on May 24th 2020

So loved both the shampoo bar and conditioning bar. My concern was how to travel with my new favorite products? The travel cases are perfect! I'm closer to eliminating more plastic from my life!

Travel Pod Case

Posted by Carol Slatkovsky on Apr 14th 2020

These little boxes are ideal for storing your favorite shampoo bar and ready for travel. They pack in very little space and protect the bar. I have one for each of my different fragrances and because the boxes are clear, I can tell which bar I want to use.

Cases for shampoo

Posted by Kathryn on Oct 7th 2019

Love these little cases
Perfect for travel

These are perfect for travel!

These are perfect for travel!


Posted by Jessie on Aug 26th 2019

Love this case so much I looked everywhere for it in my local soap making store and they didn’t have any so I came and bought quite a few online for me and friends!

Travel case

Posted by LeeAnn on May 27th 2019

These are the perfect stackable size for multiple bars in the shower!

Definitely get these if you buy the shampoo and conditioning bars!

Posted by Yvette G on Apr 12th 2019

If you buy the shampoo and conditioning bars, you have to get the case along with it. The first time I purchased the bars, I did not buy them and just kept them in a resealable plastic bag. The cases are so much more convenient, easier to get the bars in and out of and they don't get all beat up when you are traveling.

Dry Keeper/Travel Pod

Posted by DT on Apr 28th 2018

This is great for shampoo or conditioner bars and can be used for keeping your bars from a constant barrage of water, depending on your shower storage spot, and for traveling.

Travel Pod case

Posted by Lisa on Jan 19th 2018

This is a must for the shampoo and conditioner. I use it to keep both in my shower and it is a lot more convenient when traveling. No spills!