Breathe Wellness Box

  • Description:
    Enjoy coveted self care moments to refocus your energy and soothe the soul. This 8-piece unisex gift set, is packed with simple, clean, naturally better skin care including our hydrating face mask, fragrance free scrub, body butter and more.
  • What's Inside:
    Fragrance Free Sea Salt Scrub, Fragrance Free Body Butter, Peptide Complex Hydrating Face Mask, Breathe Essential Oil Blend, Eucalyptus & Aloe Natural Soap, Eucalyptus Mint Shower Bomb, Lotus Soap Dish, Wooden Spoon
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Fragrance Free Body Butter 3 oz

Hydrate and nourish dry, red or itchy skin with our intensely moisturizing Body Butter made with rich cocoa and shea butters, Pro Vitamin B5, hemp oil and fruit extracts. Our Fragrance Free Body Butter is formulated to absorb quickly and last for hours.

Fragrance Free Sea Salt Scrub 3 oz

Exfoliate dry, scaly skin with our purifying and nourishing Sea Salt Scrub. This scrub removes dead skin cells, stimulates circulation and softens skin with rich moisturizers like shea butter and beeswax. Our Fragrance Free Sea Salt Scrub is formulated for use from the neck down.

Peptide Complex Hydrating Face Mask 3.4 oz

Packed with powerful peptides, aloe vera and plant-based hyaluronic acid, this super hydrating face mask deeply nourishes to rejuvenate your skin, reduce fine lines and provide a youthful healthy glow. Enjoy a fresh and revitalized look with our Peptide Complex Hydrating Face Mask.

Eucalyptus & Aloe Natural Soap 4.5 oz

This soap is packed with skin-loving ingredients like aloe vera, olive oil, coconut oil and shea butter to gently clean and rehydrate the skin. Made with antioxidant-rich ingredients like shea butter and olive oil, this freshly scented Eucalyptus & Aloe Natural Soap, contains small bits of dried eucalyptus for an extra herbal treat.

Breathe Essential Oil Blend 10 mL

A naturally stimulating scent formulated to help clear the mind. This proprietary blend of essential oils is a combination of intense mint combined with citrus and spice. Enjoy this soothing scent by adding a few drops to a diffuser or a carrier oil such as jojoba, grapeseed, olive, or almond oil and apply directly to wrists or temples.

Eucalyptus Mint Shower Bomb

Create an aromatic at-home spa experience with our Eucalyptus Mint Shower Bomb. This minty, herbal, fresh fragrance will fill a steamy shower. Simply place the shower bomb on the floor of the shower to release the aromatic essential oils.

Green Lotus Flower Soap Saver

Protect your soap, shampoo and conditioner bars with our chic, reusable, Green Lotus Flower Soap Saver. This flower-shaped dish features small drain holes and mini lifts to allow soaps to dry between uses. Available in many stylish colors to match any décor.

Mini Wooden Spoon

This adorable, eco-friendly wooden spoon is a must-have for your body scrubs and bath salts. You’ll always get the perfect scoop with the just the right portion with this chic, reusable bath time accessory.

*If the packaging or one of the items in the gift set is unavailable, we reserve the right to substitute an item of equal or greater value.

Breathe Wellness Box
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  • You’ll never find what we call “Badditives” in our products such as parabens, formaldehyde, triclosan or phthalates.
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Breathe Wellness Box