Why Use a Sugar Scrub?

Posted by Soap Squad

We've been selling our popular sea salt scrubs since we opened our doors in 2009, and today they remain one of our most popular products. Our special formula is made with real sea salt and other natural ingredients including shea butter, sunflower seed oil and essential oils.

Sea salt scrubs, regardless of the brand you buy, are designed to exfoliate and remove dry, dull flakes to reveal healthy, radiant skin. They're great for elbows, hands and feet, but can also be used on legs, arms and shoulders. In addition to removing dry skin, they are known to detoxify and improve circulation.

So why did we add a sugar scrub to our skin care line up?

  • Because size matters! The sugar granules we use in our sugar scrubs are smaller and rounder than sea salt which make our sugar scrub a gentle alternative. Sugar scrubs are ideal for individuals with sensitive skin and perfect for delicate areas such as your face, lips and décolletage.
  • Sugar is a natural humectant. What is that you ask? Humectants are proteins that seek to bond with water. Our sugar scrubs are a natural humectant that work naturally to draw moisture and hydration back into your skin. If you’ve tried other exfoliators that leave your skin feeling stripped and dry, then try a hydrating sugar scrub.
  • From scrub to polish. Sugar scrubs melt more quickly than other scrubs. This natural progression has the dual effect of exfoliating first and polishing second.
  • Scrub more. Because sugar scrubs are less abrasive than scrubs made from ground seeds or shells and even sea salt, they can be used more frequently. Feel free to use a sugar scrub three to four times a week as needed.

Whether you prefer salty, sweet or both, we hope you will consider adding a natural scrub to your skin care routine. This extra little step is sure to help reveal healthy, hydrated, beautiful skin.

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