What's New in 2022

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Clearly, at this point, it is no longer a “trend.” The shift towards natural skin care has been building for years, and it is here to stay. Women (and men!) want something better when it comes to face and body care. Natural ingredients. And, no “badditives!”

So, what should you expect as we head into '22? Let’s take a look.

Mini Moments

Call it beauty snacking, mini moments, or afternoon uplifts… everyone’s doing it! After nearly two years of working from home and endless zoom calls, a new self care trend has emerged. Prior to COVID, we may have taken our afternoon work break by grabbing a cup of coffee or a snack. But now, many of us have found another way to break-up the day. Between calls and task lists, people have been heading to their bathroom for 15-minute face masks, hair conditioning treatments, nail polish changes or quick toner spritzes. Certainly not something we would have done at the office back in 2019, but how and where we work has forever changed. And, so have our beauty routines.

Antioxidants Amplified

With more time in front of the camera, our self-declared “flaws” came into focus. From fine lines to uneven skin tone, our “imperfections” were staring us back in the face. We're seeing more customers who are looking for antioxidant-rich skin care that contains Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Botanical Extracts to help brighten skin tone, encourage collagen production, fight free radicals and protect against UV damage.

Bronzed and Blushed

Add some color to your beauty routine for ’22. If you’re feeling a bit pasty, enhance your look with natural tints. We see skin bronzers, blushes, tinted lip balms, and light foundations continuing into the new year as the natural-look continues with the addition of a pop of bright color on the lips or eyes for extra attention.


Certainly not new, but nonetheless, we’re seeing this trend continue in 2022 as consumers want low-waste body care with the same high-quality results. From condensed shampoo bars, to package-free products, Naples Soap has offered a variety of low-waste, plastic-free options since our inception. Simply switching from a shower gel to a bar soap can make a difference in the effort to reduce our plastic-footprint. We invite you to learn more about our low-waste and no-waste options here.

Cheers to a fresh look in the New Year!

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