What You Need to Know for Healthier Hair

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What You Need to Know for Healthier Hair

Washing your hair seems simple enough. After all, you’ve been doing it almost daily since you were a kid. But could it be possible that you’ve been doing it wrong after all these years? Yes. That seems a bit extreme. But, we’re sure these simple suggestions could lead to healthier hair.

Hair Wash


The number one thing that people are doing wrong with their hair care routine is over-washing. The problem with daily hair washing is that it strips your scalp and your hair of their natural oils. So, your body works quickly to replace those oils which leads to oily hair. To break the cycle, commit to washing your hair less frequently for 10 days. You can still wet your hair daily if desired, just don’t wash with shampoo each day. If you think your hair looks a little greasy, spritz with dry shampoo at the roots. Experiment with going two days without washing and see how your hair feels. Over time, you will be able to determine the right washing schedule that works best for your hair.

Look for SLS Free

The hair care industry for years has incorporated sodium lauryl sulfate (also known as SLS) into most shampoo formulas because it provides great lather. Unfortunately, this chemical can be very irritating and cause you to have an itchy or sensitive scalp. To avoid this, look for SLS-Free shampoos next time you are at the store. Additionally, if you are one of the 75% of American women who dye their hair, you should avoid SLS shampoos because they are known to strip hair color faster than if you were to use non-SLS formulas.

Hair Rub

Roots and Tips – Wash Your Scalp, Condition Your Ends

Shampoo should be applied directly to areas of your scalp to help loosen excess oil, sweat and dirt. Alternatively, conditioner should be applied to the tips of your hair and worked through the ends with a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair.

Sunkissed Hair Bars

Don’t Mix Brands

It’s tempting to use one brand of shampoo and another brand conditioner. After all, you may not finish the bottles at the same time. But try to avoid mixing brands. Companies formulate their hair care lines to be complementary. So, to get the best results, stick with the same brand.

Hair Video

Try the Bar, Ditch the Bottle

Growing in popularity, hair care bars have been around for decades but have only recently become more mainstream. People will often apply a big dollop of traditional shampoo and conditioner directly to the head. This not only wastes product, but it also causes you to miss areas of your scalp like the base of your neck. Switching to a hair bar encourages users to lather the product in their hands before applying to the scalp and hair. This helps to apply the correct amount of product to the areas where it is needed most (remember - roots and tips!).

The Right Temp

Wash your hair with warm water to loosen excess oils. Rinse and condition your hair with cold water to close your pores and lock in moisture.

Hair Dry

Be Gentle

It’s tempting to wring out all the moisture in your hair with a towel. But harsh towel drying can tangle and damage your hair. Gently squeeze out excess moisture with your hands before leaving the shower and apply a towel to your hair without the rubbing.

Hair Ingredients

Take in the Scents

Although the focus of this article was healthy hair habits, don’t forget to select a shampoo based on the way it smells and how it makes you feel. Aromatherapy through scents like mint or tea tree can help you get going in the morning whereas lavender and chamomile can help you rest at night. Next time you are standing in the hair care aisle, take a moment to let your nose lead the way to perfect scent.

We know it’s hard to break old habits, but incorporating these suggestions over time will lead to healthier hair.

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