Body odor is one of those topics that is pretty taboo. To help clear the air, we decided to debunk some of the most common misperceptions about perspiration, products and yes, B.O.!

Myth 1 – My Sweat Stinks

While most people associate body odor with sweat, you may be surprised to learn that your sweat is odorless. So… stop blaming your sweat! The stinky culprit is bacteria. Bacteria naturally lives on your skin and prefers the warm environment of your armpits. Mix in some body heat and sweat from warm temps or exercise, and it’s party time for the odor-causing bacteria.

Myth 2 – Deodorants and Antiperspirants Are the Same

Although you’ve probably used these names interchangeably, they are not the same thing. Deodorant works to fight odor, while an antiperspirant works to prevent perspiration. Antiperspirants usually include aluminum-based compounds that block your pores from producing sweat.

Myth 3 – Sweat Is Bad

Sweat gets a bad rap! Yes, you want to avoid body odor; however, sweat itself is actually a good thing. Sweat is your body’s natural way of regulating your body temperature to prevent overheating.

Myth 4 – There’s a Lengthy Detox Process When Switching to Natural Deodorant

While it may take some individuals up to a month to transition from antiperspirants to natural deodorants, that is the exception. For most users, it only takes a few days to purge the antiperspirant that is clogging your pores. And, another week or two for the moisture levels of your underarms to normalize and bacteria levels to subside. While making the switch, wear clothing made with natural fibers such as cotton, linen or bamboo because they are more breathable and allow sweat to evaporate more quickly. If you need to, reapply during the day or right before your workout.

Myth 5 – Natural Deodorants Don’t Work

Formulations have come a long way over the last few years as consumers have demanded more natural alternatives. If you tried a natural deodorant five years ago, it’s time to try it again. At Naples Soap Company, we’ve created just the right mix of natural ingredients like corn starch, arrowroot powder, zinc oxide, coconut oil and shea butter to produce an effective, all-natural product that works to balance the pH of your armpits to fight odor-causing bacteria and absorb moisture at the source.

Myth 6 – It’s All Hype, Why Should I Make the Change?

While there are conflicting scientific studies about the use of ingredients like aluminum and parabens in products designed to combat odor and perspiration, making the switch to any natural product is a personal choice. Your skin is your largest organ, and it absorbs ingredients from the products you use every day. Read ingredient labels to know what you are putting on your body. If you can’t pronounce it, you probably shouldn’t be using it.

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