Good riddance 2020! We’re ready to focus on the fresh and new of 2021 with a look at what’s trending in beauty and skincare.

Less Is More

“Skinimalism” is the hottest buzz word in the beauty space. Just like it sounds, it’s all about minimalizing your beauty routine, embracing your natural features and focusing on your natural glow. Clean and simple make-up (or no make-up at all) where your pure beauty shines through. You’ll be seeing more light-weight foundations, transparent powders, pink and peachy blushes and dewy moisturizers in 2021.

Messy Buns & Braids

Don’t throw out your hairdryers and flat irons just yet. At least for the beginning of 2021, you can continue to air-dry your hair. Don’t be afraid to embrace your hair’s natural texture (and even your natural color). Enjoy this period of low-maintenance with simple ponytails, messy buns and even braids!

Amp up the Eyes

For the foreseeable future, half of our faces will be covered in masks. To add some fun and personality, focus on your eyes and clean your brows. Women will continue to enhance their lashes with added textures and lengths. Eyeliners will be bold, and mascara will be colorful with emerald greens and cobalt blues. Perk up tired looking eyes with moisturizers and eye serums designed to hydrate fine lines and reduce dark circles.

Lip Stains & Tints

Mask-wearing certainly presents a challenge with keeping your lips moisturized and colored. This year's lip trends will be based around lip stains and tinted moisturizers instead of the traditional matte lipsticks and shiny lip glosses. Cleanse away lip stains with lip scrubs and moisturize regularly with a quality lip balm.

Keep Washing

Soaps and hand sanitizers aren’t usually a trending topic in the beauty space, but they will be in 2021. As the demand for these products has exploded, new formulas are hitting the market with hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid. Don’t suffer from harsh drug-store brands; there are better alternatives. Be sure to keep your hands extra-moisturized with gentle soaps, hand lotions, body butters and cuticle creams.

Plant-based Ingredients

The shift towards natural ingredients in skin and hair care will be big in 2021 as consumers continue their quest for healthy, eco-conscious alternatives. We recommend finding products scented with natural essential oils rather than synthetic, fake fragrances. Look for moisturizers made with coconut oil, shea butter and even hemp seed oil instead of petroleum-based products. And, consider natural deodorants made with plant-based ingredients like arrowroot powder and corn starch rather than aluminum or talc.

At Naples Soap Company, we’re excited to be a part of setting these trends. Be on the lookout for even more options made with natural ingredients coming to our website and stores in 2021.

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