Eczema is a skin problem close to my heart. I struggled with it for many years, which is why I made it a personal mission to find relief that actually works to keep my skin healthy and problem-free. I know there are a lot out there who experience the same things that I did–many customers through the years have come up to me sharing their stories and asking for advice.

This being Eczema Awareness Month, it’s only fitting for me to talk about this skin condition I and my daughter dealt with for years. This time, though, I’ll be focusing on one flare-up trigger that is as powerful as it is invisible: stress.

Stress: One of the Leading Causes of Eczema Flare-Ups

Many factors cause eczema flare-ups, and stress is one of the things that worsen skin conditions like eczema. When you get tense, your body will protect your skin by boosting inflammation, which can make symptoms worse.

We can’t avoid stress altogether, so the most that we can do is manage it. Here are some tips to reduce eczema flare-ups:

  1. Exercise. Going for an active lifestyle can make you feel better overall. However, if sweat is an eczema stress trigger for you, make sure you shower with cool or lukewarm water to wash it off.
  2. Relax. Take a deep breath once in a while. Take the time to schedule yoga with friends or simply hang out at home and listen to music.
  3. Sleep. Getting zzz’s eight to nine hours a day is the recommended time for adults. If eczema is keeping you up at night, you can try products before going to sleep. I personally recommend Naples Soap Company’s line of fragrance-free skin care products for sensitive skin.
  4. Talk. Finding support about your skin problem can do wonders on how you feel about it and how you manage it. You’re not alone in facing your eczema issue. The National Eczema Association encourages people to participate in the Eczema Awareness Month. The organization will help you be well both inside and out.

If you’re looking for a natural treatment for eczema, you can try out our Eczema Kit, available in stores or online at It has nine doctor-recommended, fragrance-free products formulated for highly-sensitive skin. If you want to know more about it, watch this video where I talk about eczema, skin-irritating ingredients present in most mainstream body care products, and more.

How about you? What practical stress-relief tips do you swear by? Share them with us in the comments section!

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