Having eczema can be challenging. Apart from the red, unsightly rashes, the incessant itching and sleepless nights can definitely be too much to handle at times. This causes stress and anxiety, which are common triggers of eczema. As a result, you may have to endure another bout of eczema flare-up and the cycle goes on and on. Not only can this take a toll on your physical health, but it can also affect your mental and emotional well-being.

As October marks Eczema Awareness Month, we’ll talk about the link between stress and eczema and what you can do to break free from this seemingly endless cycle.

The Link Between Stress and Eczema

When you are under too much pressure, a “fight-or-flight” response is switched on in your body. An increased production of adrenaline, cortisol, and other stress hormones may follow. However, this can suppress your immune system and its processes, initiating an inflammatory reaction in your body. Individuals with dermatologic conditions, like eczema, may then experience flare-ups. You may develop red rashes, skin itchiness, and other eczema symptoms.

This is why for those living with eczema, more than the physical adjustments, it is the mental burden that can feel unbearable at a certain point. While getting rid of all your stressors does not guarantee a cure, learning how to deal with them can help.

Ways to Manage Stress

One of the easiest things you can do to reduce your anxieties and stress is to practice relaxation techniques. Try doing breathing exercises every day. Enrolling in a yoga class (or practicing at home) is a good idea too. You can also download soothing sounds and listen to them as you paint, meditate, or read a book.

For some, getting physical can help calm their nerves. Baking, exercising, or just taking a walk in the park can be an effective way of letting all the stress out. However, these activities may dry out your skin, which may cause eczema flare-ups. To prevent this from happening, don’t forget to apply moisturizer on your face and body before heading out. Unscented body care products are a great choice as these do not irritate extra sensitive skin.

Another thing you can do is to get enough rest. For those who have eczema, this may seem easier said than done. But, with the right eczema treatments, you can achieve that much-needed, quality sleep. Before tucking in, take a shower and use Naples Soap Company’s Eczema Soap. It is made of premium, natural, and FDA-approved ingredients that is specifically formulated to reduce skin irritation. You can also try the Unscented Sea Salt Soap which is a pH balancing skin cleanser that’s ideal for those with skin irritations.

Beat Eczema Flare-ups, Naturally

At Naples Soap Company, all our products are specially formulated to manage eczema at a level that’s definitely more than skin-deep. With the rashes and itchiness gone, you have nothing to stress about anymore, breaking free from this condition’s vicious cycle. Come visit any of our 11 Florida store locations or if you’re out of state, order online at https://www.naplessoap.com/ to browse our full selection of high-quality, all-natural products.

Photo by Max Rovensky on Unsplash

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