Sea Salt

Have you ever noticed how much better your skin feels after a dip in the ocean? Cuts seem to heal faster, itchy patches disappear, and skin feels healthier? It’s not only that much-deserved beach vacation that gives you that refreshed feeling, but rather it’s the exposure of your skin to natural saltwater. By incorporating sea salt into your skin care regimen, you can experience many of the same remarkable benefits.

Sea Shell Sea Salt

Magic of the Sea

Sea salt is different from table salt in that it includes additional rich minerals like magnesium, calcium and potassium. These are the same minerals in our bodies that play an important role in our skin’s health function and cellular communication.

Wash Face

The Cleansing Benefits of Sea Salt

Sea salt can help absorb dirt, makeup and excess oil. It deeply cleans your pores and acts as an anti-inflammatory. Incorporating a sea salt soap into your daily face care regimen can help fight the bacteria that causes acne and breakouts. With regular use over time, sea salt can help normalize and balance the skin’s oil production.

Cleanse Leg


A body scrub made with sea salt can do wonders for removing dull, dry, itchy skin that many of us experience during the dry winter months as well as the scorching hot summer months. Sea salt helps to exfoliate dead skin and retain moisture.

Footer Salt

Internal Benefits

Although you can’t visibly see these benefits, using a sea salt scrub can help promote blood circulation when used on the legs, arms, feet, shoulders and back. Soaking in a warm bath with sea salt crystals can help ease muscle soreness and body aches.

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