School Bells Have Rung!

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School bells have rung. It's time to start stocking up on the necessary items that are needed for kids of all ages. Naples Soap Company has geared up towards the opening bell as well. When preparing for the school year, whether you are buying for little ones or college-bound, it is important to not forget personal care must haves. As parents, we make sure they have the needed supplies, the perfect outfits, and the technology to succeed. Starting each day off fresh and ready also begins with providing a solution that provides naturally better skincare for our kids as well. Mornings become more rushed, routines are put in place, and time is at a minimum. Naples Soap Company will keep you clean and fresh from the outside in, but in the rush to get ready, we wanted to give you some quick tips to help keep you on track with the busy season ahead.

1) Out With the Old / In With the New?

Not always! While they are many items that will need to be replaced, take the time to dig into last years backpack and pull out items that still have use for this year. Pens, pencils and even last year's thumb drive can be recycled to save a few bucks. When shopping for new supplies, look around. Just like the holiday season, every store is on sale. Avoid impulse buying and do your research. This year it is projected that Back To School Internet sales will account for 45% of all purchases made. Surf the Internet as well and look for awesome deals.

2) Label, Label, Label

Everything should be labeled. Backpacks, coats, binders, and even power cords. After carefully pulling together all of these supplies, when they are forgotten or left behind, a label could save you having to replace them. For supplies like power cords or chargers it might be beneficial to have a back up tucked away for emergencies. And speaking of back up plans - ensure that important projects and work are backed up on a portable drive or stored in the cloud. This way if electronics are lost or misplaced, the work itself can be recovered.

3) College Freshman Spend the Most

Starting fresh for four years away from home can be exciting and stressful at the same time. Getting your college bound kid prepared requires more thought and planning. Everything from household products to needed school supplies have to be taken into consideration. Get yourself a good checklist pulled together to make sure all the basics are covered. As an added treat, load up a basket full of personal care items from Naples Soap Company. Include the basics and some thoughtful pampering items as well. This is a great way to remind them of home. Include their favorite scents and products that will last them for several months. Naples Soap Company has everything a great "care package" should be stocked with.

4) Invest in a Good Calendar System

Dance recitals, baseball practice, and school activities. There is a lot to keep track of during the school year. Take the time to organize the numerous activities in advance with a solid calendar. Keep it up to date and plan out as much as possible. After all the activities are organized, take a moment to relax. Toss in a Naples Soap Company Bath Bomb, sit back and enjoy the silence that comes with school being back in session.

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