Product Shelf Life

Posted by Soap Squad

When buying products that are made with natural ingredients, there is a window of time in which you need to use the product before the natural ingredients begin to change. These changes occur more quickly when product formulations do not include chemicals and preservatives to alter the state of the ingredients. It is common for products made with butters, oils and fruit extracts to degrade over time.

You can prolong the shelf life of most skin care and hair care items by:

(1) storing products in a cool, dry, dark location

(2) keeping them away from excessive heat or cold

(3) closing product lids tightly

(4) using only clean hands when touching the products

(5) keeping products in their original containers

(6) leaving packaging seals on new products until you are ready to use the product.

Listed below is some general guidance for how long our products are formulated to last:

Body Butter • 12-18 Months

Body Oil Spray • 12-18 Months

Conditioner Bars • 12-18 Months

Face Cream • 12 Months

Face Scrubs & Masks • 12 Months

Lip Balms • 6-9 Months

Loofah Soaps • 6-12 Months

Moisturizer Sticks • 12-18 Months

Muscle Balm • 12 Months

Natural Soaps • 6-12 Months

Sea Salt Scrubs • 12-18 Months

Sea Salt Soap • 6-12 Months

Shampoo Bars • 12-18 Months

Shave Cream • 12 Months

Sugar Scrub • 12 Months

The Eczema Soap • 6-12 Months

Vitamin C Face & Body Care • 12 Months

It’s important to note, that products may exceed these timeframes. Look for signs of spoilage including changes in product consistency and smell or skin irritation. Discontinue use if you have any concerns about a product.

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