Since 2009, Naples Soap Company has been providing reliable solutions to various dermatologic problems. Its founder, Deanna Wallin, has made it her lifelong mission to help others achieve naturally better skin care. Read on to learn more about Naples Soap Company and its nine-year journey.

How Naples Soap Company Came to Be

Skin conditions, such as psoriasis or eczema, affects a person in so many ways. They usually cause red rashes that are not only unpleasant to look at, but can also bring down one’s confidence. Dermatologic problems often result in persistent itching as well, which can really be uncomfortable. More than the physical symptoms, it is the reduced quality of life which makes these conditions unbearable at times.

These are the same woes that troubled Deanna Wallin and her daughter. Having had to battle psoriasis and eczema for a long time, Wallin wanted to look for a solution that’s not only effective, but is also healthy. Combining this passion and her healthcare knowledge, she was able to develop products made of natural ingredients that actually work–making customers experience beauty that’s more than skin-deep.

Naples Soap Company’s Philosophy

Knowing the harsh effects of chemicals, Wallin follows a very simple philosophy when it comes to creating Naples Soap Company products. That is to only use premier, natural ingredients. Upon having to use a variety of medications before to manage her skin problems, she realized that the body wants and responds best to natural substances. This is why fragrance, colorants, and even plant-based preservatives in the products are kept at a minimum, usually less than 1% of the formula.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Having come this far, it's only right to take a moment and look back on the awesome journey of Naples Soap Company. We sat down with Deanna to have a quick chat, where she gamely answered our questions on the company's beginnings and where it's headed from here. Check it out below:

1. What is Naples Soap Company's official birthday?

"November 3, 2009"

2. What was going through your mind?

“Geez, I hope people show up. It was frightening and exhilarating at the same time. It was a new adventure owning my own business and there were so many unknowns. My first day Sales were $70, and all of it was from my teenage children.”

3. What were the products at the time?

“The same products that we use today - they are tried and true. Natural soaps and our bath bombs. Same formulas, and even some of the same fragrances.”

4. Where were you selling products from?

“Our TIN city store, which was 300 square foot... about the size of a closet.”

5. At what point did you realize that Naples Soap was getting bigger than you imagined?

“When I had people driving two hours to come buy our products and making it a destination because they believed in the products.”

6. What’s in store in the coming years?

“An expansion plan for a total of 20 stores within the next 5 years. Expanding outside of FL. And we are expanding our footprint in eCom and wholesale business.”

If you’re looking for natural, safe, and effective skin care, visit Naples Soap Company today and experience the difference. From opening our first shop in Naples in 2009, we now have over 11 retail locations in Florida. Order online too, at

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