Holiday Gifting Ideas 2023

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Often times it may not feel like the holiday season with Florida’s toasty temperatures, but don’t be fooled. The holidays are here! There's an undeniable sense of anticipation in the air, as many of us are looking forward to reconnecting with friends and family.

With Christmas 2023 just around the corner, the age-old tradition of exchanging gifts and spreading joy takes center stage. This year, however, there's a growing trend that savvy shoppers are embracing – the art of shopping early. Beyond the twinkling lights and bustling holiday markets, the wisdom of starting your Christmas shopping ahead of time becomes evident. As we navigate through a world of ever-changing dynamics, early holiday shopping not only ensures access to the finest gifts but also offers a respite from the last-minute chaos, allowing for a more thoughtful and enjoyable celebration.

2023 Gifting Trends

Everyone is under a lot of stress, so consider gifting something focused around health, wellness and mindfulness. Think self care, aromatherapy, meditation, journaling and even fitness. The great thing about wellness gifts is that they are perfect for people of all ages and enjoyed by both men and women alike.

Donut Stack

Young children will enjoy a set of fizzy bath bombs. Your best friend will appreciate a handwritten friendship note on the first page of a gorgeous leather-bound journal. Your co-workers may like an aromatic collection of soaps or essential oils. And, your significant other will love a set of comfy pajamas or workout clothes for the gym.

Avoid the Sweets & Drinks

Traditionally, alcohol and sweets such as chocolate and cookies, have been the “go to” gifts for clients and family members. They’re easy to give, but often times they’re eaten and forgotten. Or, they’re simply trashed when New Year’s Day rolls around, and people are purging their kitchens of all the calorie-laden gift sets. Let’s face it, many of us have put on some “lb”s over the past few years, so do everyone a favor and skip the sweets and choose health & wellness options.

Give Experiences

Face Spa

Another gift idea that is on trend for 2023 is experiential gifts. This could be a trip to the spa for a relaxing massage, a facial with your local esthetician, a sunset boat cruise or an art class. Experiential gifts are memorable, and they’re perfect for the person in your life who already has one of everything.

Shop Local

Although it’s tempting to knock-out your list by simply shopping online, consider visiting the locally-owned stores in your community. Many small businesses and restaurants have struggled the past few years. By shopping local, you’ll find truly unique gifts with a delightful shopping experience that you can’t get online. Plus, you’ll be supporting the fabric and diversity of your community by helping to keep local shops in business.

Skip the holiday hustle this year. Make your list. Check it twice. And get your holiday shopping done!

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