Best Sellers Shower Bomb Barrel

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    Create a spa-like experience right at home with our Best Sellers Shower Bomb Barrel that’s perfect for gifting or as a sampler for yourself. Place on the floor of the shower to release aromatic essential oils to help relax the spirit and mind.
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    Pacific Ocean Shower Bomb, Sunkissed Shower Bomb, Florida Fresh Shower Bomb, Lavender Shower Bomb, Coconut Lime Shower Bomb
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Pacific Ocean Shower Bomb 6 oz

Close your eyes and imagine refreshing ocean breezes mixed with the sweetness of tropical plumeria. Our Pacific Ocean Shower Bomb will transport you to this ocean oasis from the comfort of your home shower. Simply place the bomb on the your shower floor just outside the heavy spray of your shower, and enjoy the aromatic essential oils that will fill the steamy air.

Florida Fresh Shower Bomb 6 oz

This crisp, citrusy, and bright fragrance will uplift and energize your morning shower experience. Our Florida Fresh Shower Bomb is the perfect treat to start your day with its rejuvenating and refreshing scent of oranges, limes, grapefruit and mango.

Lavender Shower Bomb 6 oz

Create the most relaxing escape with our aromatic Lavender Shower Bomb. The sweet and delicate fragrance of the lavender blossoms promotes feelings of calmness, wellness and relaxation.

Sunkissed Shower Bomb 6 oz

Enjoy the aroma of creamy coconut, sinfully sweet cotton candy, fresh raspberries while taking your next shower. The sweet smells will transform your shower into a tropical oasis and brighten your mood.

Coconut Lime Shower Bomb 6 oz

This tropical treat will uplift and energize. Simply enjoy our Coconut Lime Shower Bomb and pretend you’re on vacation.

*If the packaging or one of the items in the gift set is unavailable, we reserve the right to substitute an item of equal or greater value.

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