All of our products are made in the USA using carefully sourced, high quality, premium ingredients, so you can feel great about what you are using on your skin. This is a premium product with premium ingredients.
*Due to the nature of the products, all sanitizer sales are final and cannot be returned/refunded. Thank you for your understanding.

$12.00 $9.60
A sanitizing spray safe for application to the skin or on communal surfaces acting as a disinfectant. Our spray contains 65% Ethyl alcohol which is effective in killing microorganisms (bacteria, viruses) and also features lavender essential oil for a...
$8.50 $6.80
THIS IS A PREMIUM PRODUCT. A unique and premium formula hand gel with the perfect combination of Ethyl Alcohol and Hyaluronic Acid to disinfect while hydrating the skin. Our formula contains 65% Ethyl Alcohol which is effective in killing...