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His Freshest Faves Natural Soaps

  • Description:
    Treat your dad to the finest natural soap collection. This 4-piece soap set is one that he’ll enjoy for the rest of the summer. Rich lather, masculine scents, and moisturizing high-quality ingredients make these soaps the faves among the guys.
  • What's Inside:
    Charcoal & Sandalwood Natural Soap, Lavender Patchouli Natural Soap, Rosemary Spearmint Natural Soap, Vanilla Sandalwood Patchouli Natural Soap
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Charcoal & Sandalwood Natural Soap 4.5 oz

Classically masculine, our Charcoal & Sandalwood Natural Soap unites the clean and detoxifying benefits of charcoal with the earthy, rich, exotic woodsy scent of sandalwood.

Rosemary Spearmint Natural Soap 4.5 oz

Awaken the senses with the green, earthy, herbal scents of our Rosemary Spearmint Natural Soap. Packed with antioxidants, this soap is the perfect way for your dad to kick-start his day.

Lavender Patchouli Natural Soap 4.5 oz

The calming aroma of lavender blossoms combines with the raw, earthiness of patchouli to create the yin and yang of these scents in perfect harmony. Our Lavender Patchouli Natural Soap is made with antioxidant enriched ingredients like shea butter and olive oil to keep skin smooth and supple.

Vanilla Sandalwood Patchouli Natural Soap 4.5 oz

Where sweet and earthy combine in perfect harmony. Our Vanilla Sandalwood Patchouli Natural Soap is a favorite among the guys. His skin will feel so soft and clean after showering with our coconut and olive oil-enriched natural soap.

*If the packaging or one of the items in the gift set is unavailable, we reserve the right to substitute an item of equal or greater value.

His Freshest Faves Natural Soaps

When you shop with Naples Soap Company this Father's Day, you’re giving so much more.

  • You’re gifting the highest quality skin and hair care products made with natural and organic ingredients that are not only beautiful, but they actually work.
  • You’re buying products that are American made. All Naples Soap Company brand products are Made in the USA.
  • You’ll never find what we call “Badditives” in our products such as parabens, synthetic fragrances, lauryl and laureth sulfates or phthalates.
  • You’re gifting products that are cruelty-free and never tested on animals.
  • You’re sending gifts that incorporate reusable, recyclable and/or plastic-free packaging whenever possible.
  • You’re supporting a family-owned business that employs over 50 “Soap Squad” team members who are passionate about skin care and the customer experience.
His Freshest Faves Natural Soaps

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