Made from 100% antibacterial silicone for toothbrushes, razors, and more.
Furthermore, the ergonomic handle makes hard-to-reach spots a thing of the past!
Made with super-grip-silicone technology and several drainage holes, so grabbing your soap never feels like you’re trying to grab a small, rectangular eel. It sticks to any shiny surface such as marble, tile, or glass and can be removed and reused.
100% antibacterial silicone, it will secure to any smooth clean surface, and importantly keep your beverage safe and at your fingertips.
Antioxidant-rich for a super-powered facial treatment. Acai berry nourishes skin and supports healing of skin issues - benefiting texture and tone to improve overall complexion. Avocado and seabuckthorn oils provide moisture and fatty acids that...
This anti oxidant skin wash refines texture, supports the reduction of wrinkles and protects from the abuse of the elements.  An organic blend of aloe vera and natural oils, it is sulfate free and safe for all skin for daily use. What Does...