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Bronze Shimmer Soufflé Crème

  • Description:
    Find your healthy, luminous, year-round glow with our natural mineral-infused Bronze Shimmer Soufflé Crème. Perfect for that everyday sunkissed look or for a touch of glamour for your next special occasion.
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Soften your skin while adding a touch of sunkissed beauty with our natural, mineral-infused Bronze Shimmer Soufflé Crème. Made with real mica, this silky crème adds a subtle, healthy glow when applied to the body or face. Packed with natural moisturizers like shea butter and aloe, our ultra-rich, fragrance free formula nourishes the skin while adding brilliance and shine.

How to Use:

Apply evenly in a circular motion to legs, arms, décolleté, or face for a silky, shimmery glow. Allow time to dry and set before coming in contact with clothing. The crème will not rub off until washed. Safe for any external area of the body, including the face. Use care when applying to the face to avoid contact with eyes.


Grape Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Shea Butter, Aloe, Vitamin E, natural Mica


4 oz

Bronze Shimmer Soufflé Crème Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Bronze Shimmer Soufflé

Posted by Margaret Piper on Jun 16th 2021

Great compliment to one’s skin when you don’t want to bake in the sun! I’m fair skinned, and this bronzer gives me the perfect color tan. With this bronzer, a little highlighter, and mascara, I’m ready to start my day!

Bronzing Soufflé

Posted by Linda Rusick on Jun 16th 2021

I like the bronzing soufflé. Goes on nice and looks natural.

Great Product

Posted by AARON RUEMLER on Mar 1st 2021

Love this stuff.. I have a lot of redness issues on my face but when I use this bronze shimmer it amazes me how much it hides and make my skin sparkle..

Bronze shimmer

Posted by kelliek12279@yahoo.com on Jun 17th 2020

I was surprisingly pleased with this product. Usually tanners or bronzers of any sort streak and leave me looking weird bc I'm very white. They never look natural in the least. However, this did not look put of sorts at all. Even my 16 yr old daughter complimented how natural it looked on me.

Great Product

Posted by Rachael Dean on Jun 3rd 2020

It’s hard to find a product I don’t like from Naples. This one is no different. I’m happy I purchased it, just in time for summer too!

Bronze Goddess

Posted by Sarah on May 7th 2020

Works fantastic. Buy it.