Coconut Oil has been used for centuries for personal care. This ancient remedy has now gone mainstream in everything from cooking oil to body oil. So...what's so great about coconut oil, why all the hype? The MCT's Medium Chain Triglycerides in coconut oil can actually help your body burn fat and gain energy when ingested. Who doesn't want more energy and to burn fat? I love it for the skin in particular. Many people are buying coconut oil in jars and applying directly to the skin. I prefer fractionated coconut oil as it is easy to spray and not as thick. It absorbs easily into the skin without leaving a heavy greasy feeling. I took over a year to develop our Naples Soap Company Body Oil with fractionated coconut oil. It hit our shelves and became an instant best seller. I love to put the body oil on just after a shower when the skin is still wet. The hydrating effects are incredible and I find my skin stays hydrated and supple all throughout the day.

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