Top Tips for Storing Your Skin Care

Posted by Soap Squad

It is a regular habit for most of us to purge our fridge of fruits, veggies, meat and dairy that are past their prime. Of course, you know when it’s time to toss when you see wilting leaves or changing colors.

But what about other products like your cosmetics and skin care? Many of these items are sealed in solid containers where you won’t notice a change. Don’t be fooled into thinking they will last for years. Beauty products do expire, even if they don’t have a stated expiration date like medications and milk.

Pay extra attention to cosmetics and skin care made with natural ingredients. The reasons why so many of us like these products are the same reasons why they have a shorter shelf life. They lack artifiCial preservatives, chemicals and fake fragrances. Simply by their formulation they won’t last as long.

So, here a few tips to help you sort it out:


Store items in a cool, dry location.

Look for products in solid containers.

Products in clear containers, should be stored in a low-light location.

Don’t leave products where they will be exposed to extreme heat or cold, like your car.


Always wash your hands before applying cosmetics and skin care – unclean hands can contaminate the products (and your skin) with germs and bacteria.

Don’t share products with others – especially those that are used on your eyes, face or mouth.

If it smells bad, the consistency has changed, or it is separated (even if it cost a lot), throw it out.

If you experience any type of skin reaction, stop using the product.

As the old saying goes, if in doubt, throw it out!

We invite you to learn more about shelf-life recommendations for specific Naples Soap Company products.

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