When I think of the big priorities in both my life and my company, wellness is one of the top three. I spend quite a bit of time thinking, talking and educating others about the four cornerstones of wellness: movement, mindfulness, nutrition and sleep. There is a wealth of information and resources for women on these topics, but are men hearing and reading about the same important message of health and wellness?

When you think of the phrase, “Men’s Health” what are the keywords that come to mind? Most of what you read is about prostate health or heart health. While those are incredibly important topics, what about topics like skin care and self care?

Recent trends show that men’s beauty care is growing at a rate of 30% per year and is now a multi-billion dollar industry. It’s okay for men to take care of themselves in more ways than just a gym membership. And don’t get me wrong - being active is one of the cornerstones of wellness and it’s incredibly important. But why shouldn’t men have the same benefits of anti-aging, skin care and wellness that women have been privy to for decades?

According to Forbes, about one-third of American dads say they actually care about preventing the signs of aging and have started using products to combat it. Skin care and sun care are just two examples. What was once taboo is now a part of a man’s everyday routine. This one-size-fits-all definition of masculinity is old school at this point. Masculinity is being redefined and is now centered around self-confidence and a healthy lifestyle.

This “man-volution” is happening before our eyes. Store shelves are now filled with products designed just for men including lotions, hair care, serums, fragrances and even makeup. These items are seen as tools to help men feel better and look better, and why not?

This new man-volution raises the question of what do men’s beauty products have to do with wellness. Well, wellness is all encompassing. It’s not just the foods we eat or the time we spend in the gym. Wellness also includes the foundations of basic health and that starts with our skin. Our skin is the biggest organ in the body and what we put on our skin directly correlates with our overall health. Approximately 60% of what you put onto your skin gets absorbed into your body. Just as nutrient foods help with your overall health, so should nutrient rich products.

The products that Naples Soap Company offers are made with natural and organic ingredients and are nutrient dense. Men can take pride in knowing that the products we offer are sensitive enough for ladies yet strong enough for their needs, too. Face creams, eye serums, shaving creams and body butters can be enjoyed by all as they are not gender specific.

Times are changing, evolving if you will, and so has the definition of the traditional man-cave. What was once more about watching sports, playing poker and drinking beer has an added flair of “woooo-sahhhhh.” It is now a place to relax and reboot. I’m not saying that sports, poker or beer are bad things, but they are now just a small component of what men want and even need at this point.

So, as we approach Father’s Day, skip the ties, golf balls and socks and really treat your Dad to the perfect Father’s Day gift. Men deserve to feel good and look good one skin care product at a time. 

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About Naples Soap Company

Founded in 2009,Naples Soap Company carefully, passionately and purposefully makes and curates the best selection of products for skin and hair. Handmade in the USA from the finest natural and organic ingredients including shea butter, coconut oil, sea salt and fruit extracts, Naples Soap Company products are clean, paraben-free, sulfate-free, eco-friendly and never tested on animals. 

Naples Soap Company was founded by Deanna Wallin,a former nurse and single mom who developed the line to help relieve the suffering she and her daughter experienced due to chronic and painful skin conditions associated with psoriasis and eczema. Today, the company operates 13 retail store locations in Florida and a robust online store at www.NaplesSoap.com.

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