A therapeutic hot bath has become the ultimate at-home, self-care treat for millions of women and men who are looking to relieve stress and melt away the day. Check out Instagram, and you’ll often find photos and videos of people sharing their fascination with effervescing bath bombs, flickering candles, and a glass of wine. Sounds relaxing, right? Well of course it does, because it is.

Aromatic bath bombs are a more modern indulgence, but hot soaking baths have been enjoyed by most cultures for thousands of years. For hygiene, therapeutic reasons, relaxation or even amorous foreplay, people have taken baths since ancient times.

One bygone bath regimen that has recently gained in popularity is the Sake Soak. Yes, sake. The sweet Japanese alcoholic drink that is made from fermented rice. It is said that Japanese Geisha would soak in sake as a way to soften and purify their skin. Today, high-end spas in cities like New York, Tokyo, and Singapore are taking a clue from this ancient ritual and offering expensive sake soak treatments.

But if a trip to a world-class spa sounds out of reach, no problem. Naples Soap Company has recently launched a sake soak gel that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own hot bath.

Our sake soak gel is made with fermented rice just like the sake you drink. The fermentation process produces loads of amino acids and enzymes that are very beneficial for your skin. A sake soak can help:


The humectant properties of a sake soak help moisturize skin and lock in hydration to yield softer, smoother skin.


The acids in a sake soak help remove impurities to reveal brighter skin. Some users also experience a reduction in sun spots, freckles and age spots.


A sake soak bath is therapeutic way to reduce tension, ease muscle soreness and promote relaxation.


Taking a hot bath with or without sake causes you to expel toxins from your body through perspiration.

And, if you needed one more reason to try an at home sake soak, here it is. Sake is often used in Japan as a way to ring in a new year. It is said to clear evil spirits and give way to new beginnings.

We invite you to give this ancient tradition a try as you head into a new decade. Naples Soap Sake Soak is available in stores and online in three scents.

  • Eucalyptus Hemp Sake Soak: a unisex scent that is fresh, green and herbal with the added benefit of hemp oil
  • Original Hemp Sake Soak: a unisex scent that is earthy and spicy with the added benefit of hemp oil
  • Coastal Sake Soak: a refreshing new scent that features timeless florals like jasmine, gardenia, carnation and lily of the valley with a hint of musk and vanilla

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