Summer is the time of the year when beach trips, tropical island vacations, and pool parties fill our calendars. Everyone is excited to plan their wardrobe of swimsuits, shorts, dresses, tank tops, sandals–but as temperatures start to rise, our skin care needs change too. To make sure that you get that smooth, radiant, and glowing skin, here’s a handy list of the best skin care products to use all summer.

1. Cleanser and Exfoliant

Make sure you keep your face clean of dust, oil, and impurities throughout the summer months. Treat your face with our Coffee Face Polish, which gives the skin a refreshing lift! For cleansing, give our pH-balancing Sea Salt Soaps a try.

2. Moisturizer

Summer weather means we need a moisturizer that lets our skin breathe. Go for lighter moisturizers and serums that are easily absorbed by the skin, which helps fight dryness too. Your best bet: our spray-on Body Oils provide deep moisture without feeling heavy. For areas that need extra care, try our Moisturizer Sticks! Their long-lasting formula leaves skin soft and supple while creating a natural moisture barrier.

3. Lip Care

Change in the season can make for dry lips, which is why carrying a lip balm that nourishes and protects our lips is a must. Our moisturizing Lip Balm is a rich daily treatment with nourishing vitamin E and aloe vera–giving those lips a perfectly healthy pout! 

4. Shave Cream

Bikini season has us shaving more often than usual. For a smooth shave with an extra boost of moisturizing (because you can’t have enough of that!), try our all-natural Shave Cream. It’s packed with shea and cocoa butters which naturally soften the hair follicles and reduce friction, leaving skin smooth and free of irritation.

Now that you know the best skin care products to have this summer–do you already have them? Complete your summer skin care must haves by visiting our stores or ordering online at!

Photo by Ishan @seefromthesky on Unsplash

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