As Earth Day approaches, we encourage you to think of ways you can personally make a positive impact on our natural environment. If you want to make a simple change that will make a big difference this Earth Day, look no further than the skin care products you use on a daily basis. Our natural hair and skin care products are an essential part of your eco-friendly lifestyle. Keep reading to learn how you too can celebrate Earth Day every day by using products from  Naples Soap Company!

1. Avoid Animal By-Products

Not only is ridding your skin care routine of animal products great for your skin, it’s beneficial for the environment too! According to a 2010 global report, animal farming and the processes involved are the biggest causes of climate change, water depletion and soil erosion. By opting for vegan products from Naples Soap Company, you can reduce your consumption of animal products that are harmful to our planet, and your skin too.

2. Steer Clear of Toxic Additives

Here’s the hard truth: if you’re using traditional, mass-market skin and hair care products, you’re adding chemicals to your body and the environment . All of those chemicals are going down your drain and into nearby soil and waters, potentially harming wildlife. If these ingredients are harsh to human skin, just think of what they could do to our delicate ecosystem and wildlife. By shopping at Naples Soap Company, you’ll avoid ingredients that are harmful to your body and to the environment.

3. Shop Local

Buying American-made products supports local industry, and it helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions because the products have less distance to travel in order to get to you, which means fewer fossil fuels being burned for shipping. This can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the item. Naples Soap Company’s products are proudly made in the USA , so you’ll feel zero guilt, whether you’re buying in-store or taking advantage of our $4 flat-rate U.S. shipping.

4. Take Care of Earth’s Creatures

It’s a sad fact that many large cosmetics and skin care companies still test on animals. At Naples Soap Company, all of our products are certified cruelty-free. By trusting your skin and hair care to us, you can be sure that you’re treating animals with care and maintaining a truly eco-friendly lifestyle.

5. Say No-No to GMOs

Genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) are plants and animals whose DNA has been altered through genetic engineering. GMOs have many long-term negative effects to the environment and our global food supply. GMO crops are very common in the foods we eat, but it’s easy to forget that GMO ingredients are included in skin care products too. Choose products from Naples Soap Company to avoid these environmentally harmful additives.

6. Prioritize Eco-Friendly Packaging

The skin care, hair care and cosmetics industries are notorious for their heavy use of plastics in packaging. Plastics get stuck in landfills and oceans and will take several hundred years to decompose. Even now, there are plastic “patches” in our oceans that are the size of entire countries! Take a stand to use only sustainable packaging by shopping at Naples Soap Company. We’re committed to using materials that are easily recycled, make use of renewable energy, and are easily biodegradable, causing less damage to the environment.

Celebrate Earth Day by using all-natural, eco-friendly products from Naples Soap Company! Learn more about our products by visiting our online shop or one of our Florida store locations to sample and shop! Questions? Contact our customer service team, 1-888-256-8265, for assistance.

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