3 Amazing Benefits of Hemp Hair Care

Posted by Soap Squad

1. Hydrate Your Hair and Scalp

Hair dryers, curling irons, sun exposure, low humidity and over-washing can dry out your scalp and hair. To combat the elements and the damaging effects of your daily hair routine, we have a secret ingredient. Made with hemp seed oil, our shampoo and conditioner bars are intensely hydrating. They nourish your hair and scalp without weighing down your locks.

2. Stimulate Your Scalp

Hemp seed oil contains an Omega 6 fatty acid which is a powerful anti-inflammatory that can encourage cell growth and regeneration. A healthier scalp leads to healthier hair.

3. Enjoy Soft, Nourished, Clean Hair

In addition to hemp seed oil, our hemp hair bars are made with cocoa butter, red raspberry seed oil, lemon peel and Provitamin B Complex to clean your hair without stripping away natural oils or hair color.

Give our hemp hair care a try to experience the benefits of healthier hair.

Naples Soap Company hair bars lasts between 50 and 75 washes depending on hair length.

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