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3-Pack Hand Sanitizer Gel 1.5 oz

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10 units
A 3-pack of sanitizing hand gel, with the perfect combination of Ethyl Alcohol and Hyaluronic Acid to disinfect while hydrating the skin. Our formula contains 60% Ethyl Alcohol which is effective in killing microorganisms.
Due to the nature of the products and the COVID-19 pandemic, all sanitizer sales are final and cannot be returned/refunded. Thank you for your understanding.

THIS IS A PREMIUM PRODUCT. A unique and premium formula hand gel with the perfect combination of Ethyl Alcohol and Hyaluronic Acid to disinfect while hydrating the skin. Our formula contains 60% Ethyl Alcohol which is effective in killing microorganisms (bacteria, viruses). This product goes on slightly tacky and then dissipates quickly to leave the skin buttery soft. A small amount goes a long way due to the HA ingredient. Designed to combat drying and irritation of the hands and cuticles while providing powerful disinfection.

*CDC recommends hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol

What is Ethyl Alcohol?

  • Produced for centuries by fermentation of corn, barley, wheat, rice and more…
  • Also known as grain alcohol, drinking alcohol, or simply alcohol
  • Denatured means a bitter flavor has been added to make it unsuitable for consumption

What Does it Do?

  • Helps destroy pathogens
  • Prevents infections
  • Inactivates viruses related to or with similar characteristics as coronavirus

What is Hyaluronic Acid (HA)?

  • A natural sugar found in high concentrations on our skin
  • Has a unique capacity to retain and carry water
  • Plays a major role in the body for wound healing and skin repair
  • Often used in high end facial products

What Does it Do?

  • A powerful humectant that pulls moisture to your skin
  • Keeps Skin moisturized throughout the day
  • Makes skin appear more supple and improves elasticity
  • Helps prevent skin from drying and cracking

Ingredients: Ethyl Alcohol (denatured) (60%), Water, Lavender Essential Oil, Hyaluronic Acid (HA)

Handmade in the USA.

3-Pack Hand Sanitizer Gel 1.5 oz Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Hand sanitizer

Posted by Judy on May 16th 2020

It mosturizes and feels good...while sanitizing.

Best Hand Sanitizer

Posted by Janet Broussard on May 14th 2020

This is by far the best Hand Sanitizer!

Superior Product

Posted by Karin Logrieco on May 12th 2020

There are many options out there for hand sanitizers but this one is hands above others. It is much less harsh and leaves my hands feeling soft and smooth. The scent is very pleasant. In a world where hand sanitizing is going to be the norm, I want to make sure that I’m not only protecting myself from germs but also taking good care of my skin.

Gel hand sanitized

Posted by Shelley on May 4th 2020

Love this product! Does not feel drying at all. And the scent helps it to not feel like you are using plain rubbing alcohol!!

Great product

Posted by Colleen Hurley on Apr 15th 2020

The hand sanitizer gel has a great smell and feels great. It’s not drying to the skin either

Hand sanitizer gel

Posted by Amy on Apr 12th 2020

Best hand sanitizer ive used! Leaves hands feeling soft now dry as a chalk board! Only complain is the gel is a tad hard to squeeze out since its so thick. Nice light scent, nothing overwhelming

Hand sanitizer

Posted by LEANN on Apr 10th 2020

Just received this product, love it. It drys almost instantly and my hands feel so soft. Very light fragrance, not overpowering. Love it!

Hand Sanitizer

Posted by Staci on Apr 10th 2020

I love this hand sanitizer! It smells great without being overpowering, and dries quickly. It’s a great size to keep in your purse or around your home. I will definitely be reordering once it’s back in stock.