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Brazilian Hair Masque

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An intense hair treatment that deeply penetrates and treats with rich ingredients to refresh and hydrate. Rich in clay, minerals and natural oils of coconut and argan. This formula also contains aloe, shea butter and a probiotic combination to provide a soft, silky texture. Cover hair with product (wet or dry), leave in for 15-30 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Additional benefits: Topical probiotics promote moisture absorption, supports hydration. They also contain nourishing properties that soothe the skin/scalp. Probiotics on the scalp helps support healthy skin by influencing the types of bacteria that live on it.

Brazilian Hair Masque Reviews

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Hair mask

Posted by Jess on Dec 7th 2018

Loved it! Sad its a small bottle, but a little goes along way. My hair is super long. It looks and feels amazing a complete 180!